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ALTAR'D State of Consciousness

In January of 2020 I had a spiritual awakening. As part of this awakening, I created an altar that was an homage to my past, present and future. It was an offering to my ancestors, my sprit guides, The Creator, and to myself. Since then I have engaged in altar werq (on individual and group levels) for reflection, inner werq and to channel the vibes I am looking to bring into a space. 

Altar have provided me with space to look inward, face my shadows, connect with my ancestors, practice healing arts, gain clarity and manifest my ideal reality. Each time I share this art with others I can feel them picking up the healing vibes the altars channel. Engaging in altar werq allows us to heal and create new pathways leading to our dreams.

Altar'd State of Consciousness (Altar'd) is a project aimed at helping humanity expand its consciousness via creating content, events and a podcast where guests can share their story and the moments they feel were most expansive fro them. I would love to here your stories of expansion, please click the link below to share. 

3.20.21 Spring Equinox Live Stream

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