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Thanks to the support of our community we have curated an incredible collection of pieces for the Dream Space Auction. Some of these pieces were created specifically for Dreeam Space, while others were donated by community members from their own collections. 

You can experience these pieces via our virtual gallery below. Shout out to Eustacia for creating this gallery and Abe for providing the tunes!


Proceeds: 50% artist | 50% Shook Foundation 



Bidding Window:

Dec 4th @11:11am pst to Dec 6 @11:11am pst

Bidding closed...

What you need:

A cardano (ADA) compatible wallet we recommend CCVault, Daedalus, or Adalite. DO NOT use a wallet from an exchange

How it Works:

When you find a piece you can't live without. Click 'place bid' for bid instructions. You will be redirected to Buffy Bot's auction system. 



Ada-Monsterz are TOTALLY AWESOME & UNIQUE NFTs living on the Cardano blockchain. They’re all individually designed by hand & arriving in Limited Edition Waves.

ada monsterz.png
Candy Cotton
ADAbots x Panthera Tigris Leo.png

ADAbots x Panthera Tigris Leo

Mind Deconstructed takes a deeper look into the emotions of depression and anxiety, bringing them closer to the spectator in this collaboration piece that mixes photography and poetry together.

Backwards Geometry

This painting is a reminder to always stop, breathe, look within and know that even if an obstacle seems too big it can be surpassed.

Backwards Geometry Dream Space Auction.jpeg
Candy Cotton
BWPC (Bears With Problems Club).png

Bears With Problems Club

Bears With Problems Club is a CNFT project that aims at spreading Mental Health & Suicide Prevention awareness. 10% of all proceeds from our mint will be donated to multiple charities picked by our community!


Psychedelic Love.

Beyond Rockets

Beyond Rockets City is a thriving cohort of CNFT enthusiasts sharing space in the finest dwellings from an ecosystem of city location artworks. The project is focused on community building through shared love of art, architecture, music and culture.

Candy Cotton


Awakening To Gratitude {1/1}
Created By MarkO aka @w00k66 who is an illustrator that is part of the [Bokeh-Vision] family. Everything we create is created with intention and it definitely shows in this piece!

"Hang in there, hugs. It's all temporary..."


Buffy Bot

Become a member of the 2500 club. Winning this piece will also come with some bonus NFTs! Visit to learn more about the Legacy Pass and all of its benefits!

Candy Cotton


Cardania is a magical, silly place filled with action, adventure, synthwave and space wizards! Citizens are invited to take part in the finest merrimaking the metaverse has to offer, and the party is just getting started.


Learn more at


When the cloud of depression slightly lifts and the burden of darkness starts to lighten, you can finally look around and see that there is, after all, something to fight for.

the cardanians.jpeg
Candy Cotton
Cardano Poxies A Proxy_s heart.png

Cardano Proxies

Cardano Proxies. We’ve been minted on the blockchain with specific skills and abilities to improve the world and the Cardano ecosystem.


Minted, therefore we are.

Fly into our Beehive

Corn 'n Friends

Corn 'n Friends started in April 2021 at the beginning of CNFTs. One of the early projects to mint animated .gifs. The Corn Gang project is the latest project from Corn 'n Friends. More than just an NFT, Corn Gang is an access token to the creation of an exclusive adult animated web series that will be built with the community on Discord.

Candy Cotton


Special edition 1/1 NFT featuring a lilac coat CryptoRaggie on a special background with accessories dedicated to the theme of mental health awareness. The first holder of this NFT will be eligible to claim a physical merch from us. Having this NFT will also unlock a special discount when minting an original series CryptoRaggies NFT on our website.


LoFind Yourself

This piece serves as a reminder to make time for yourself. The apes sit back to back in reflection, listening and searching. Listen to the music and lofind yourself.


Dennyver is the artist behind SushiBytes

Track by Abe of Cardano Waifus

Candy Cotton


Eustacia is a programmer, maker, and devoted member of the CNFT Community.


A procedurally generated fractal art called "Entering the Dream Space"

FractaLab dreamspace_720p.gif
Candy Cotton
hautlle Butterfly_blue.jpg


Just as butterflies go through metamorphosis and emerge as beautiful creatures; I believe that communities and events such a Dream Space can assist others by bringing positive and beautiful change into the world.


This butterfly was created

in memory of Conner Sims (2001-2017)


I'm a cat-loving artist from Okinawa. i creates 10000 unique and random cat NFTs(catloaf), no two of which are the same. This is the first time I made a moving catloaf for the wonderful festival.

IOLY catloaf.GIF
Candy Cotton

Jamison Daniel

Jamison Daniel has produced over 20 records with various labels in the USA and in Europe and now brings his talent to the Cardano Blockchain. Jamison creates grooves that are at once fresh and timeless, weaving together soulful harmonies and irresistible melodies. His first full-length CNFT album, Studio Life is available now on the secondary market, as is his collaboration with aeoniumsky, aeonium Modified Vehicles.

JC Palmaira

*turn up the volume for an original track by JC*

JC Palmaira is currently enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno, pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Music Education with Brittany May. JC has always believed in mental health advocacy and has a deep rooted love for music and art. Through her musical and artistic pursuits, JC Palmaira hopes to be a fierce advocate for mental health as well as contribute to increasing Asian representation among music professionals through performance, composition, and teaching.

Candy Cotton
Maajed Ahmed Fresh_Life_.jpg

Fresh Life

Maajed Ahmed Music BoomBox.jpg

Music Boom

Maajed Ahmed

Born in 1993 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia My interest in art and graffiti began in my hometown during my teenage years. Started off with sketching and illustration, to using spray cans on walls. From there on I came to develop my own style in Arabic graffiti & Calligraffiti. In addition I use freehand digital illustration tools for various graffiti & street art work. I constantly work on developing my style and have always been open to experiment with various tools to further communicate my art.


Self-limiting beliefs, or “Iceberg Beliefs”, are the negative feelings and beliefs you carry about yourself. Just like icebergs, they can lurk beneath the surface—you may have never even spoken them out loud, but they impact your thinking, your confidence, and the way you move through your life. They’re often the “should” (... do it perfectly), “never” (...mess up), and “always” (...come up short) thoughts that pop up in your mind.

Candy Cotton


This NFT is the first OneTile NFT that was ever minted. Together with this NFT comes the right to claim an "Original Grower" (OG) OneTile NFT once they are offered for sale later this month. The buyer of this limited first edition NFT can choose the OG NFT number before other people have the chance to purchase theirs. OG NFTs will grant the holder access to the OneTile platform.
The OneTile platform will contain online classes, blog posts and “Ask Me Anything” conversations featuring influencers and pathfinders in the space of personal development, well-being and sustainability. New content will be posted on a weekly basis. In addition, the platform will be a safe space to share and discuss anything related to one’s own personal development as well as the current state of the world, in order to unite and empower people that want to work towards a more positive outlook on our future.
Besides platform access, OG NFTs will grant you special OG status on our platform and discord. Finally, all the OGs will get an additional free platform access NFT in our upcoming 10K drop. So by buying this limited first edition OneTile NFT, you will receive a total of 3 OneTile NFTs.


RetroNFTs and SushiBytes have teamed up to bring you RetroBytes!

This limited collection of collaboration NFTs brings both sushi cuteness and old school retro vibes. By combining these two classic features our teams are pleased to present exclusive never seen before SushiBytes that are ready for action inside your wallets. RetroBytes are fully equipped with their own consoles ready to play some old retro games. These designs were produced by both SushiBytes artist and the RetroNTFs artist Sad'Hue who produced The Infinite Space Collection.

This collection was sold by random selection and there were a total 100 minted with 10 designs

Candy Cotton


'Beauty of Chaos'

When you ask what are you!


Fighting the truth keeps you in an undesirable hell cycle, accepting the truth leads to Co creating reality gift packaged in A Manifestation Superpower.






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Horus Downloading Prophecy

- Late 2021

As a civilization we live in a prophetic timing,
digitalization of the conscious.

Horus Downloading Prophecy is the reincarnation file for the dead code, resurrecting the hero in a crypto world as his journey leads to utopia.

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1 out of 11
God’s Gallery Collection.

Candy Cotton

SPD Industry

Sunil Pant is a Senior Illustrator with well over a decade worth of experience working on Hollywood blockbusters and various streaming services like, NETFLIX, AMAZON, PRIME, DISNEY PLUS and HBO among various others. Currently tasked with concept illustrating on one the best selling AAA games being made into a Television show, 'The Last of US' for HBO.

The Hidden Order

Each art is crafted by the Artist Sekki. She is based in Japan and uses art as a way to express herself and share about mental health. To her being open and honest about her mental health is the best way she can normalize seeking help. If you are un a crisis. Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. You do not have to struggle alone.

Candy Cotton

The Hoskinsons

"The Sleeper Has Awakened" Limited edition #1 of 5

The Never Engine

*volume up*

Hello from Trevor and Alyssa Scott! We're a married pair of New Orleans artists/entrepreneurs - our projects celebrate personal connection, surrealism, self-empowerment, and edutainment. description of piece: Seeking transcendence through consumption will always leave you hungry for more... Love is the answer

Candy Cotton


This piece is from my first ever NFT collection, "Portfolio Pieces", minted back in April. The original drawing is quite large, about 17" x 30" and took about 6 months to complete. It means a lot to me to be able to share this during Dream Space because creating pointillism pieces like this one have been my best way of managing mental health situations over the past 5-6 years. Just pen, paper and the dots. It usually helps me sort out my head.

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