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We have a brand new line of denim, let us tell you about it...

This line of denim is inspired by the past and motivated by our dreams for the future. It is about empowerment. It is about people taking pride in who they are and where they have come from. It is about people becoming the best version of themselves. The denim represents the durability of the human spirit. The heart and flame represent our will to live while learning from our past. The mermaid fabric represents our connection to the magic we all have to dream and overcome obstacles along our journey. The words painted on these pieces serve as a reminder we hold the power to live as our authentic selves and make our dreams a reality.

Huge thanks to @Dennyver for this illustration! <3

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  • Writer's pictureShook Boyz

We are Nicholas and David. AKA. The Shook Boyz.

We are excited to announce the launch of our business. We want you to know more about our business, and more importantly who we are as people. That’s why we started this new blog and invite you to be a part of our lives.

First, let us drop a definition for you: [SHo͝ok] - taken aback and in complete awe of something. Most commonly used when someone is wearing an amazing outfit that is truly memorable and shakes any perception of fashion to your core. It makes you think. It makes you want to touch it. It invokes creativity.

We make Shook fashion! Our goal is to create truly unique pieces of clothing to help people express their individuality. Our fashion is sensory. It sparkles. Our pieces make friendships.

For fall 2018 we are launching our Handmade Demin Jackets, Sequin Kimonos and started taking custom orders.

  • Denim Our handmade Demin jackets are one-of-a-kind. The denim jackets are made by combining upcycled materials, paint, and a lot of elbow grease. The combination of elements really make for a one of a kind piece.

  • Kimonos These kimonos are Lux. Our goal was to handmake a high-quality product in Las Vegas. The kimonos are made using some of the most dynamic sequin fabrics. They are lined and feature sharp cuffs and collar. There’s even a pocket on the inside for your phone 😊

We started the brand to make the world a better place through art and expression. It may sound silly to think something as simple as fashion can make the world better. We know it can. We’ve experienced how fashion can light up a space ‘literally’ and ‘figuratively’. It brings joy and invokes creativity. Because fashion is art!

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