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Thank you ! 

 pride awareness Event   

MUSIC, Healing, & Mindfullness 

We well be back in 2023!


Guest Lineup!


Hello Friend! 

Thank you for supporting Dream Set (22Q2)!


HAPPY PRIDE! This month (and every month) we are celebrating the full spectrum of the rainbow. To me, this celebration means acknowledging and loving the beauty within every single individual I encounter. It means celebrating and encouraging authentic self expression. PRIDE means showing up as my authentic and divine self in every space. 


My name is Nicholas Cruz Torres and I am a proud gay latinx man. I am the proud husband of the magnificent David Cruz Torres. I a proud Curanderx, a shamanic practitioner. I am a proud son, brother, uncle, nephew, and cousin. I am proud of

Shook Boyz and our vision. I am PROUD. 

My intention for this space is for any person who enters, whether live or via recording to feel seen, loved, and inspired.  

💜 @nickleyasss

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The Dream Shop is the official gift shop for Dream Sets & Dream Space. The intention is to make art & NFTs accessible to all. The Dream Shop supports event production, the artists and the Shook Foundation. All pieces are 22 ADA. 

Virtual Event

Join us for music, healing conversations & moments of mindfulness.

Thank you for tuning in to Dream Set and supporting the vision. 




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