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Dec. 4. 2021


 -Art Auction-

MUSIC, Healing, & Arts festival

Mental health awareness & suicide prevention



Shop our festival gift shop

To make art assessible to all - we collaborated with artist to make special pieces for the Dream Shop. All NFTs in the shop are 22 ADA. We'll have both digital and physical items.   

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Attend our virtual experience anywhere free!

The inaugural Dream Space will be streamed virtually to enables us to engage a global community & spread the message of mental health awareness & suicide prevention.    

View the Livestream line up here. 


Bid on Cardano NFTs for a good cause

Proceeds from the auction are being used to seed the Shook Foundation - a non-profit focused on bringing art, healing, and blockchain technology to communities. 

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Livestream LIneup

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Speaker Pack Twitter Promo DreamSpace2021_edited.png


Speaker Pack Twitter Promo DreamSpace2021_edited.png



Speaker Pack Twitter Promo DreamSpace2021_edited.png

Dream shop

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Dream Space Website (Website) (4)_edited.png
Dream Space Website (Website) (4)_edited.png

Dream Space emerges from a place of love to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention through fundraising, entertainment, and education.  


On September 19, 2019 my sister, Alicia, died by suicide. As more time passes, the more I realize the need for spaces where we can safely express ourselves. Where we don’t feel alone on our journey. Spaces where communities come together to support our loved ones and where mental health is not ignored. 


On December 4, 2021 Shook Boyz will present Dream Space. A collaborative Cardano NFT auction and livestream dedicated to mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Dream Space is where community and art come together to create a safe space for us to explore and share our dreams while honoring our emotions and mental health journey. Profits from the auction will be donated to charity. 


We are looking for collaborators who feel called to contribute to the creation of Dream Space. You are welcome to share your artistic gifts of digital art for our CNFT auction or perform for the livestream (music, poetry, etc.). If you are a mental health advocate interested in sharing resources we encourage you to participate as well. Above all else, we are creating a safe space to honor your story. If you feel called to share your mental health journey, through any medium, we invite you with open arms. 


Thank you for being you. I look forward to experiencing the Dream Space we create together.  


💜 @nickleyasss


Dream Space Partners

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