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Dream Shop Door (1200 x 1080 px)_edited.png

We have collaborated with artists to bring a collection of masterpieces to the Dream Shop. These artworks are exclusively available in the Dream Shop for 22 ADA (plus some space dust) and were curated with the intention of healing through art. 

Proceeds: 50% artist | 50% Shook Foundation

Minting Window:

The Dream Shop will be minting until Sunday December 12 @ 11:11 am pst. 

What you need:

A cardano (ADA) compatible wallet we recommend CCVault, Daedalus, or Adalite. DO NOT use a wallet from an exchange

How it Works:

When you find a collection you love. Click buy for purchasing instructions. You will be redirected to RetroNFTs custom minting system. If a collection has more than 1 piece, each transaction will mint a random piece from the collection. 


The Dream Shop is back up and running and will be minting until Sunday, December 12 @ 11:11 am pst


mint: unlimited
Sometimes we all need our own digital chill out space. Let your mind wander and your soul recharge with this dreamy collection by aeoniumsky.


mint: unlimited

Everyone on our team understands the importance of daily action in order to manage and improve our mental and spiritual health. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to create for a great cause! Puffy the Token is all about sending good vibrations and in our eyes represents... "Peace, Love, Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention."-Dick Brannin

Chadi Nassar

mint: 8 unique pieces with varying rarity. 89 total mint.
These NFTs were created to spread positivity in your day and give you the strength to go on with your day

Corn 'n Friends

mint: 130
The 'longest' minted NFT from Corn 'n Friends to date

Dream Space Affirmation Sticker Contest

mint: unlimited
The winners of the Dream Space Affirmation Sticker Contest created these beautiful designs to uplift the community through healing affirmations.
mint: unlimited

In Spanish

When you're at peace, you are your own universe.
mint: 25


The more resilient the warrior, the sharper the blade. Do not let your fears scratch your armor
mint: 1000

Jelani Sasso

The thought connected to this composition is of those who struggle with mental health issues and thoughts of suicide, swimming through an ocean of difficult and beautiful days. 

The Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Ribbons symbolize those individuals who are struggling, coping and no longer with us, their loved ones, healthcare providers, first responders, funeral service professionals and other facets of support for them and their families. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 12.12.25 AM.png

An Ocean of Hope and Support

Jika Edstrom
Illustrator | Clay Nation

mint: unlimited
JIKA EDSTRÖM is an illustrator whose art feeds off culture and femininity. Her work is empowering, confident and unfiltered. By taking a stylised look at human identity it tries to raise questions concerning self, beauty and existence. Jika is part of the Clay Mates team, creating unique illustrations to bring Clay Nation to life. 

“Living in Osaka, Japan, was a huge inspiration for me. The country's breadth of culture, style and art took my creativity to the next level. A lot of my work is a kind of requiem to living alone in Japan, this is reflected in the sensual scenes of solitude”

Lucid Dream

mint: unlimited
While contemplating life, Lucid Kid is reminded of his worth.

MOB | Tilde~

mint: unlimited
MOB _ Tilde _ Probing_Euphoria.png
MASKED DEPRESSION — This artwork illustrates how smiles are used to mask people’s genuine emotions. Oftentimes, not all we see is all there really is.


mint: unlimited
Sometimes in life, all it takes is a little hug to make one feel better and to chase the darkness away.


mint: unlimited
Allow yourself to get a little lost in day dream.

The Hidden Order

mint: unlimited
Each art is crafted by the Artist Sekki. She is based in Japan and uses art as a way to express herself and share about mental health. To her being open and honest about her mental health is the best way she can normalize seeking help. If you are in a crisis. Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. You do not have to struggle alone.
Dream Space 3.jpg
Dream Space 1.png
Dream Space 4.jpg
Dream Space 2.jpg

The Never Engine

mint: unlimited
token: fungible

The reflection of your consciousness

Unfurling in love like baby's breath

With our hands intertwined

We heal and we empty our minds

Little Trumpet lost track of time

And found a stitch in it saved nine

Relieved the cards helped him detect

The most important thing in life is to connect

Yummi Universe

mint: unlimited
Sometimes all you need is for someone to tell you they believe in you.
And suddenly the day feels so much better.

Exclusive NFT for Dream Space, created by Yummi Universe 
Dream Shop Door (1200 x 1080 px)_edited.png

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